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We envision Nepal as a country where children of all backgrounds can attend school, families can prepare meals using safe and efficient cook stoves, and communities have access to clean water.
Current Projects
Future Projects


In April and again in May of 2015, two large earthquakes struck the small and impoverished Himalayan country of Nepal. The result was devastating: loss of life, loss of livelihood, thousands of traumatic injuries and three million homeless.

Life is NOT back to normal for those in the affected areas, and on some levels it may never be. But we can help... by raising funds to support the rebuilding of one community at a time.


Mountains of Relief originated in response to the devastating earthquakes that occurred in April and May of 2015.

Initially, our organization focused on providing humanitarian assistance to people who were in immediate need. With limited human and financial resources, we quickly recognized that our energy would be better spent by identifying a singular project that would provide long-term social and economic benefits. We decided to undertake a project to rebuild one of the over 7000 schools that were destroyed during the earthquakes. We built a government run primary school for up to 125 K-6th grade students in Lisikhani, Nepal. Concurrently, we built a gravity fed water system for both school and community use. However, our work did not end there...

Current Mission

To work with underserved communities in Nepal to provide opportunities for education, end hunger, provide access to safe drinking water, and eliminate the negative environmental and health effects caused by open fire stoves

Core Values

  • We value people

  • We believe in equal opportunity

  • We believe in collective responsibility

  • We value education

  • We believe that happiness, health, and well-being is a universal right

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