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Student Project 2

Mohamad Abdulla, Cole Clarke, Nicholas Dittaro, Han King, Matthew Kirkland, Hardik Nijhawan

Project 3
stove isometric view.jpg


This student group developed a cost-effective, low emissions, and safe stove. The main features include a sloped chimney that allows smoke to escape effectively and two burners at different heights to provide control over cooking temperature. They built a prototype based on their final digital design from bricks, stone slabs, and a mud -clay mixture. The fire sat on a grill grate to allow airflow from the bottom.


  • The bricks were staggered in a 2x3.5 brick layout for the main body.

  • Three inlet holes were designed by leaving a 1/2 brick gap 1 brick tall. 

  • A dirt-clay-water mixture patched holes and helped hold the structure together.

stove prototype - flat preliminary prototype.jpg
stove prototype - final prototype design.jpg


This simulation shows air flowing through the inlet, circulating under both burners, and flowing out the chimney without recirculating out the inlets. This flow circulation should prevent combustion products flowing back into the room and creating indoor air pollution. 

surface temperature contour of final stove design.jpg
side view of final fluid simulation.jpg

Surface temperature contour of the final stove design

Fluid flow simulation (side view)

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