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improved cook stove student projects


Mountains of Relief has so far sponsored 3 CAPSTONE design projects at the University of Alberta. Groups of 4-6 student groups teamed up over an academic semester to develop an improved cook stove design to meet the needs of rural Nepalis communities. 

student project 1

Robert Chauvet, Ben Hallworth, Russell Johnson, William Nagge, Kevin Zhong

Current Projects
Future Projects
stove interior diagram - airflow schematic.jpg
whole stove model - exterior.jpg

student project 2

Mohamad Abdulla, Cole Clarke, Nicholas Dittaro, Han King, Matthew Kirkland, Hardik Nijhawan

graphical abstract.jpg

student project 3

Chris Aitken, Eric Gratton, Nick Horne, Ahmed Radwan, John Roxas,

Brendan Sjerve

stove - section view A.jpg
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