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Khatri Tole Water Supply

In October 2019 we started working with the Khatri Tole village development committee to identify a location for a desperately needed community water well. A location was confirmed and the authorities required to proceed were put in place. The water resources that we hoped we'd locate were to be distributed equally to each of eleven families in the village. 


We hired a professional contractor to dig the well (hand dug wells are common in Nepal) although there was no guarantee of finding water. The community need was so great that we accepted the calculated risk. At 15 m and  27 rings deep the contractor hit a massive rock. There was no getting through or around it for us. With the community's understanding we retired the project. The costs associated with the retired project are approximately $600 CDN.


We are already on to the next project. Yesterday our team members in Nepal distributed sweaters/warm hats to 32 low-caste students at a particularly needy school -  Shree Bhimeshwor Basic School  in Manthali, Ramechhap. The school is in abysmal condition. We are currently in the process of meeting with gov't officials and community residents who have been asked to establish a list of key priorities for the school and the children. Once we have that in hand we will assess the list to see how we can help. Stay tuned... 

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GOAL: $600

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